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Fernando Yuppie – Skating in bare feet, really fast.

12 Jun

Fernando Yuppie bombing some hills and having fun. Some close calls on the road, pretty crazy kid! If you don’t have all day to watch this then head to about 4:30


1,000 fps Super Slow-Mo Skate Tricks

22 Jun

Amazing slow-mo shots of some real nice skating. Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera.

Happy weekend!

Kyle McPherson
Cameron Carmichael
Jerrod Skorupski
David Case
Dustin Blauvelt
Shane Anderson
Jovan Pierson
Erick Schaefer
Tim Hamp

Thanks to Funky Notes for the music. This song is called Never Knew.


NY Subway Skating

18 Nov

Looks like a lot of fun, lucky to get away with it. Nice work!

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