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Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

26 Jun

Just incase you’ve been living in a cave the past week, cut off from the real world and managed to miss the new vid from Danny MacAskill, here it is. Enjoy his crazy skills!



20 Feb

My parents were always dead against me having a motorbike when I was young. If only this had been around 20 years or so ago I’m sure they’d have definitely said yes…

Luc Legrand BMX edit with a harsh slam thrown in at the end.

21 Apr

Making it look easy. Check out the slam at the end, does well to get up so quick and hide the pain! Well done Sir.

Motherfucking Bike

21 Mar

Just like me on my bike!

Motherfucking Bike by Sons of Science.
Share the road and watch out for cyclists – especially these ones.

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