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Behind The Lapse

5 Apr

Time has kind of lapsed me and the blog for the past month… so funny. Thought I’d start with a little video showing how some real nice time lapse shots were taken by Michael Shainblum.

For more of his behind the scenes and timelapse videos check out


#WakaWaka Power – Best compact solar power station & light

11 Jan

A super efficient personal solar power station to charge your iPad, iPhone or other smart phone, with excellent reading light.

Go check out the WakaWaka Kickstarter project IT’S NOW ENDED BUT GO TAKE A LOOK ANYWAY

wakawaka light

I backed the project myself as I have a bit of a thing for solar power… something about not being relient on a power socket and also using power in a much greener, self sufficient way. If I had my way I’d make sure every new home that was built legally had to have the roof constructed from solar panels! It all makes some sort of sense in my head.

The other reason I chose to go for the WakaWaka is that pretty much every time I travel I find myself with a phone, camera and such that’s battery decides to give up on me at a real inconvenient time. I have tried solar charges before, I did buy a Powermonkey a while back now and have been nothing but disappointed with it. Apart from all the separate parts you have to carry around with it, (which I could forgive if it actually worked) I think the only way it would charge would be to spend a week in a desert with the scorching sun on it 24/7. Even when I charge the battery part up from the mains it then does a worthless job of charging my iPhone up. Anyway they may have improved the Powermonkey system since I bought mine a few years ago so I’ll stop bashing them.

Even more reasons to back the WakaWaka is their awesome commitment to help out as many Haitians affected by the earthquake in Haiti over 3 years ago. 370,000 still live without lights after the earthquake, that’s crazy! So far 35,000 people will be helped from the project as well as a WakaWaka assembly line being set up in Haiti before importing them into the US, thus creating jobs and economic development.


Anyway there is a heap of info and technical stats on their kickstarter page, including how it stacks up against some of the other leading solar power options out there. Fingers crossed this lives up to the hype and my expectations!

Red Bull Kluge

15 Nov

Seems like a bit of an expensive and long winded way to get a Red Bull.

This is Our Planet

11 Jul

Amazing time-lapse of the Earth from the ISS. Incredible views of Earth, aurora, stars, storms and even parts of the ISS

Tomislav Safundžić composed “This is Our Planet” with photos and video from the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at the NASA-Johnson Space Center

Music: The XX – Intro

China Opens World’s Longest Bridge

30 Jun

Qingdao Haiwan Bridge, the new world’s longest bridge over water.

Wikipedia says the bridge measures 26.4 miles long, beating Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Causeway which is 23.83 miles long. But.. China’s official news agency, the Xinhua reports that the bridge is 36.48 kilometers, which would put it at about 22.66 miles long, and well under Lake Pontchartrain’s record. Who knows, who cares, it’s just a massive bridge! Well done China.

Plan B Shows off HP’s Beats Audio Envy Laptops

23 Jun

The Beats brand is a collaboration between rapper/producer Dr Dre (aka, Andre Romelle Young), record producer and Interscope-Geffen chairman Jimmy Iovine, and US hi-fi wire brand Monster Cable. The result is an urban-music image slant, and a sound that veers somewhat from tonal accuracy.

“With Beats™, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do” says Dr Dre™, the man behind the badge.

With ‘Beats audio’ software, music takes on a depth that you just don’t get with standard laptop setups. When you pair this with the bundled Beats Solo folding headphones you really can hear the music coming from all around you, just how the artist intended it to be. The audio and visual demonstration from Plan B is a great way to see and hear the Beats capabilities.

Go get one!

HP Envy
HP Envy

Geographically-Accurate London Tube Map

22 Jun

This new redesign of the original tube map looks sweet. Check out for more info. Gonna be an iPhone app coming soon!


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