Sneaky Skanking… what here in London? Yeah, it could happen to you!

14 Oct

Fridays at Cable are all about Dubstep & Bass. With that in mind here are some moves to get you going.

“Sneaky Skanking” (definition): performing a popular dance move known as ‘skanking’ – involving wild arm movements and on the spot running
motions – behind an unsuspecting member of the general public.

Cable have made sneaky skanking a way for you to get into your favorite Friday night on the guest list. Just follow the simple steps below and have fun!


• Upload a video to YouTube of you or your mates Sneaky Skanking. No
need to edit or cut it to music if you don’t want – just Get Skanking!

• Post it on the Cable Official facebook page / Tweet it! #sneakyskanking /
email it to

• Each genuine Sneaky Skanker will be rewarded with guest list to
their favourite Friday night at Cable.

• Best Sneaky Skanking videos will get featured on the Cable blog and
YouTube channel.

• Vote for your favourite video by ‘liking’ it on Facebook & YouTube.
Most popular video will WIN the ultimate Sneaky Skanking prize -a
‘Bass Bin’ packed with Bass goodies – a new prize will get added every week!


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